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Multiple jobs or projects. Manage your hours without surprises


Enter your start and end time. WorkIO calculates it for you


WorkIO will show you statistics and graphs of the evolution of your work time


Share your days in detail with whomever and however you like

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Restore backup by email
Best option to move data to another device

To restore a mailed backup, the first thing to do is to download the file to the end device.

Once downloaded, it will be stored in the Downloads folder. From the application options, click on the Restore backup option and select the file.

After selecting it, a window will appear to confirm that all our data will be deleted, if it is correct, click OK and WorkIO will restart to restore the data.

Once the data has been restored, we select one of our jobs or projects from the side menu to verify that everything is correct.

Salary change
Access to the job settings

The change of salary is done by accessing the job or project configuration.

Opening the side menu of the application we will see a button at the bottom that says Manage jobs, pressing it we will get access to our list of stored jobs from which we can select the one we want to change.

View data from another date
Press the text of the current month and year

Simply click on the text of the current month and year at the top of the screen to change the selected date and view previous data.

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